Friday, 8 November 2013

The Beatles: Revolution Take… Your Knickers Off!

The Beatles
'Revolution Take… Your Knickers Off!'
(2009 His Master’s Choice : HMC006)
Studio Recordings
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

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Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc 1: (Notes are from the booklet that came with the CDs)
Track 101. Revolution #1 (Newest 11 minute version) (52.4 MB)
Track 102. Revolution (Single version, no piano) (4.7MB)
From the initial session that the recording heard on this disc is taken, complete with cut-in and no fade out.
Track 103. Across The Universe (Alternate mix take eight) (5.3MB)
This version presented here, an alternate mix from take 8, contains various overdubs – some backwards – that were not used in the released version., together with pre-song banter and a full ending.
Track 104. Dear Prudence (5.7MB)
An alternate mono mix, complete with a post-song comment from John Lennon and other extraneous noises from the original master tape.
Track 105. Julia (instrumental take 1+2) (6.4MB)
A collection of John Lennon home recordings of his song Julia, in far better sound quality and from a longer tape source than has ever appeared before.
Track 106. Julia (SI onto take 2) (4.2MB)
A vocal track and a second guitar… The quality of this source tape is incredible.
Track 107. Julia (SI onto take 2 2nd try) (5.8MB)
A second try at overdubbing.

Tracks 8-15 - Rehearsals and session takes
Track 108. Step Inside Love (3.9MB)
Track 109. Step Inside Love (6.3MB)
Track 110. Step Inside Love (4.0MB)
Track 111. Step Inside Love (Take 1) (5.8MB)
Track 112. Step Inside Love (Take 2) (4.6MB)
Track 113. Step Inside Love (Take 3) (4.2MB)
Track 114. Step Inside Love (Take 4) (4.3MB)
Track 115. Step Inside Love (Chat) (3.3MB)

Disc 2:
Tracks 1-21 - Session takes 1-26
Track 201. Come and Get It [Take 1] (3.4MB)
Track 202. Come and Get It [Take 2+3] (1.6MB)
Track 203. Come and Get It [Take 4] (1.3MB)
Track 204. Come and Get It [Take 5] (3.0MB)
Track 205. Come and Get It [Take 6] (3.7MB)
Track 206. Come and Get It [Take 7] (1.0MB)
Track 207. Come and Get It [Take 8] (1.0MB)
Track 208. Come and Get It [Take 9] (1.6MB)
Track 209. Come and Get It [Take 10] (3.6MB)
Track 210. Come and Get It [Take 11] (640k)
Track 211. Come and Get It [Take 12] (1.1MB)
Track 212. Come and Get It [Take 13] (3.7MB)
Track 213. Come and Get It [Take 14] (3.4MB)
Track 214. Come and Get It [Take 15] (3.2MB)
Track 215. Come and Get It [Take 16] (824k)
Track 216. Come and Get It [Take 17] (1.1MB)
Track 217. Come and Get It [Take 18] (3.4MB)
Track 218. Come and Get It [Take 19+20] (3.6MB)
Track 219. Come and Get It [Take 21] (3.4MB)
Track 220. Come and Get It [Take 22-25] (3.6MB)
Track 221. Come and Get It [Take 26] (3.3MB)

Tracks 22-31 - Session takes 1-11
Track 222. No Escaping Your Love [Take 1] (3.2MB)
Track 223. No Escaping Your Love [Take 2+3] (3.2MB)
Track 224. No Escaping Your Love [Take 4] (3.3MB)
Track 225. No Escaping Your Love [Take 5] (1.8MB)
Track 226. No Escaping Your Love [Take 6] (3.1MB)
Track 227. No Escaping Your Love [Take 7] (3.1MB)
Track 228. No Escaping Your Love [Take 8] (3.2MB)
Track 229. No Escaping Your Love [Take 9] (1.8MB)
Track 230. No Escaping Your Love [Take 10] (3.1MB)
Track 231. No Escaping Your Love [Take 11] (3.1MB)

A fresh release just out of Japan. It Was posted on the Green monster by semato1 and also at Tapecity by sixstring1965. Not sure who posted first so thanks to both of you. This follows the posting of the 11 minute version of Revolution that first showed up about a week ago. I noticed that the 11 minute hasn't shown up her so I figured to just skip ahead and share the whole thing. -Original