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Teardrop Explodes [1981.06.11] Live For The BBC [SBD]

The Teardrop Explodes 
The Apollo, Manchester, England
June 11th, 1981

Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 256 Kbps MP3

Track List:
01. Read It In Books
02. Thief Of Bagdad
03. Sleeping Gas
04. Passionate Friend
05. Like Leila Khalid Said
06. Suffocate
07. The Poppies Are In The Field
08. The Culture Bunker
09. Reward
10. Went Crazy
11. Screaming Secrets
12. When I Dream
13. The Great Dominions
14. Treason

This disc was scheduled for release in 1995 (it even had a catalog number), but then was mysteriously shelved at the last minute. Evidently, a few copies did leak out and are the assumed source of the many high-quality bootlegs of this show. It's too bad it didn't see wider release, for it's an essential addition to the Teardrop Explodes' mere two-album legacy. But across those two albums the band forged a radically unique neo-psychedelic sound that was equal parts Forever Changes-period Love, Echo & the Bunnymen, and Scott Walker. This set list from June of 1981 was a good mix of material from Kilimanjaro and the as-yet-unreleased Wilder. The U.K. hits "Reward" and "Treason" sound very similar to their album counterparts at this show, except they are played just a bit faster. The real bonus is a haunting version of "Suffocate," which rarely made it onto the band's U.S. releases, and "Screaming Secrets," a completely lost track. The previews of "The Culture Bunker" and "The Great Dominions" are also quite different -- the former is much longer with a jam at the end and the latter is dominated by piano, not keyboards. In the space of a year, the band would go from the high of this concert (and a surprising edge over Duran Duran in coverage in British teen mags) to a chaotic dissolution. Julian Cope went on to have a storied solo career, continuing with the same spirit of experimentation the band specialized in. the Teardrop Explodes are long overdue for the box-set treatment, but tensions between the former members make such a thing doubtful. Instead, try to find this show as a nice alternative to their studio albums. -Original

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