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Sex Pistols [1976.09.17] Pistols In Prison [SBD]

Sex Pistols
'Pistols In Prison'
(2008 Goodtimes Music : GTM-CD007)
Chelmsford Prison, Chelmsford, England
Friday September 17th, 1976

Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

All the banter, crowd noise etc are all fake! Even the talking between songs were added later, it's not even Johnny rotten talking between songs. There are 2 versions of this recording: one the untouched one and 2 the one with crowd noise "taken from the riot scene in that Sean Penn jury prison movie. Dave Goodman is a fuckin' twatting cunt. -Original

Track List:
01 I Wanna Be Me
02. Seventeen
03. New York
04. (Don't Give Me) No Lip
05. Stepping Stone
06. Satellite
07. Submission
08. Liar
09. Substitute
10. No Fun
11. Pretty Vacant
12. Problems
13. Anarchy In The U.K.
14. Did You No Wrong

Rotten and Co failed to amuse the monarchy, the Sex Pistols did manage to entertain 500 or so persons detained at Her Majesty's Pleasure with an early-evening show at Chelmsford's Top Security Prison on September 17th, 1976 (three days before their fabled 100 Club gig and 21 days before signing to EMI). Interesting fact: Pistol's nice-guy Paul Cook, who began his apprenticeship as an electrician at Watney's Brewers that very day (maybe he thought there was no future in the anarchy market) turned up drunk and proceeded to fall off his drum stool--an event sadly uncaptured on this mixing-desk recording. Similar audio negligence is in evidence with regards to Glen Matlock's bass which, presumably in preparation for the arrival of tone-deaf numbskull Sid Vicious, is completely inaudible. Still, this brashly impudent live shambles has plenty of Rotten's lip and cackling menace and--while hardly as essential as Never Mind The Bollocks--serves to remind us just how nasty it all must have sounded in the very same week The Wurzels, Acker Bilk and The Bay City Rollers were hogging the UK's Top 10. -

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